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Welcome to the searchable database of the Ukrainian Folklore Archive
The Archives house a unique collection of fieldwork notes and ethnographic materials as well as a small reference library. The collections include: 300 video and audio recordings; A unique collection of ethnographic videos and sound recordings from Ukrainian communities in Romania; Contemporary recordings from Ukraine; Ukrainian dance videos from around the world; A collection of 150 folktales; Student essays collected over the twenty years of Ukrainian folklore courses; Over 800 albums and cassettes of Ukrainian music.

Note to Site Users
Although this site is intended primarily for University of Alberta faculty, students, and researchers, it is hoped that other individuals interested in the study of cultural studies will find this resource useful and informative. This site is an interface to the Collection.s database and is not intended to represent the collection and/or its staff (see "Links" for associated information).

Technical Notes
This site is is designed for 800 x 600 screen resolution and is best viewed through Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and later and Netscape 4.78 and later. This site, however, will also function in Mozilla, Opera, and Safari browsers. The Department of Museums and Collections Services produced the site in collaboration with the curator of the Ukrainian Folklore Archive. The collection data resides in MIMSY XG, an Oracle-based relational database management system (for more information, see the entry under "Links").

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